Take the Green Tour to the bright spots in Holland!

These locations and businesses are ready to show off all the ways they are saving energy, and using renewables.

Here are a few local/regional initiatives that may be of interest:

Sentinel artical onTwo Local Solar Photovoltaic projects 12/21 2009

These are projects of Viability, Holland, MI.  For more details go to their sample projects web page.

Coastal Container, Holland - Bio Mass Energy Generation (planned)

Great Lake Woods, Holland Energy Efficiency / Bio Mass Generation (planned)

New Holland Brewing, Holland Energy Efficiency

Walters Gardens, Zeeland Energy Efficiency / Bio Mass Generation

LiveRoof, LLC, a Subsidiary of Hortech, Inc., Spring Lake, MI; Prevegetated Modular Green Roof Systems

Meadow Ridge, Borculo Energy Efficiency

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